It is Dieter Kienast's way to look at the traditional concepts of nature critically. In 1998 he wrote " a habitable town needs nature yet this cannot be limited to a concentration of vegetation" and so his landscape architecture gives expression to the fundamental relationship which exists between man and nature. Whereas the first volume looked at the private gardens designed by Kienast, this volume presents the public spaces created by Kienast, revealing how he dealt with the considerably more complex task of integrating the most diverse requirements of many people. This volume presents examples from Germany and Switzerland featuring in particular residential superstructures, industrial grounds, museums and hospitals. Amongst his most acclaimed projects are the Swisscom grounds in Worblaufen, the Swiss Ruckversicherung in Zurich, the Federal industrial tribunal in Erfurt and the psychiatric clinic Waldhaus in Chur. Contributions by Arthur Ruegg, Udo Weilacher, Eric de Jong et al., With photographs by Christian Vogt.

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