The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias is the definitive illustrated guide to these beautiful and varied flowering plants. Internationally recognized author Stirling Macoboy presents over 1000 of the world's most popular camellias, with every entry illustrated by a color photograph.The book opens with a chapter on the species that comprise the large and varied genus Camellia. The major species in cultivation are then covered in the A-Z sections: sasanquas, japoncias, and Higos, reticulatas, with a chapter on 'the camellias of the future', the hybrids. Each entry describes the flower type and gives the flowering season, parentage, date of registration, synonyms, and any relevant breeding and historical information. Following these sections is a comprehensive chapter on camellia cultivation.Hardy and resistant to disease, thriving in shady situations and in containers, camellias reward the gardener with blooms of stunning color and profusion at a time of year when the rest of the garden offers little.Rich in history, camellias were cultivated in China and Japan for centuries before their discovery by Western gardeners. In the chapter introductions, and in seven feature spreads, the fascinating story of the camellia is told. Many of the renowned oriental cultivars, from which the modern cultivars derive, are described in the book, as are the beautiful formal jaaponicas that were so prized by 19th century Europeans aristocrats. Then there are the triumphs of the modern breeders who are transforming the camellia into forms that will ensure it a preeminent place in gardens of the future.Whether you are new to the world of camellias, or a fancier who requires a comprehensive illustrated reference, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias is the ultimate guide to 'the queen of the winter flowers.'

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